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Starting up a business requires a kind of courage not many people have. Facing the harsh statistics surrounding the survival of start-ups can be daunting but finding the right mentor that’s been there before can make a huge difference.

Our CEO, Mike Saunders, walked that path when growing this digital marketing agency and wrote a book, The Five Year Mark, about some of the lessons he learned while chasing that dream. It’s important to get key input and business advice for your start-up so you can carry on doing your brave, new thing! In the past, we have helped launch several start-ups in various industries from security, cloud services, big data, fitness, Internet of Things, education and the non-profit sectors. We believe in helping our clients build a business, not simply a product. We work closely with them to find the best route to market, develop their product MVP and create real revenue channels. Sound like something you need? Get in contact with us!

We never lose sight of building things that serve people – we’re a humancentric company that is dedicated to solving people’s problems with digital solutions. Our CEO wrote a book that describes our unique approach to designing products, Humancentric.

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Last modified: October 7, 2020

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