Brand Development Workshop

Whether you’re looking to bring a fresh, new idea into fruition, or help your existing brand find new opportunities, Digitlab’s Brand Development Workshops are positioned to put your brand’s best foot forward.

Identifying a gap in the market is an important first step to bringing your business to market, but fully developing your brand, defining its personality and selling story, are critical points to have nailed down so you can stand out amongst competitors. You can expect to walk away with a solid starting point for your brand after this workshop.

We also love working with brands that have already developed themselves and are looking to refresh their strategy. This workshop presents an ideal opportunity to revisit your brand’s selling story and finding new opportunities to leverage, opening new doors for your brand and unlocking its true potential.

Humancentric User Experience Workshop

Understanding what your customers go through in the leadup to making a purchase is critical to positioning yourself better in the market.

Humancentricity isn’t just a buzzword, but a consideration for organisations across all industries. In this workshop, you will study who your customer is, how to engage with them and what influences their behaviour. We look into your full user journey, identifying what’s working well and where there are opportunities for improvement, resulting in clear opportunities for optimisation.

Employee Experience Workshop

We spend so much energy managing how people outside our organisation view what we do and say, but aren’t always fully aware of the internal perceptions within our teams.

Drawing on our learnings from marketing and customer experience, this workshop will help paint a fuller picture of what it’s like to be hired by your organisation and how existing employees experience your brand on a day-to-day basis.

Your teams are your most valuable asset – it’s worth identifying and investing in ways to make accessing information and connecting with one another digitally more meaningful and efficient.

Ideation Workshop

Turn a good idea into a great product with Digitlab’s Ideation Workshop.

Great ideas hardly ever land on your desk, neatly wrapped in a bow. They often take hours of work and brainstorming to flesh out, but are always worth exploring because they present a new take on your current way of doing things. In this workshop, we assist in evolving your ideas into business opportunities by evaluating them against a variety of frameworks. The sessions are fully customisable based on the challenges your unique set of circumstances pose and are geared towards providing bold, actionable steps to bring your idea to life.

Technical Scoping Workshop

Creative ideas meet real-world time frames in Digitlab’s Technical Scoping Workshop.

Building online software, websites or apps can be a daunting task – figuring out where to begin and when it will eventually be ready can be difficult to work out on your own. Digitlab’s Technical Scoping Workshop will flesh out the practicalities of your idea, identifying the key technologies required to make it work and laying out standard industry lead times for each step of the project. By the end of your session with us, you will have a concrete technical scoping document for your exciting, new idea.

Social Media Strategy Workshop

Social media marketing need not be a guessing game. Stragetise your content in order to achieve tangible business goals with Digitlab’s Social Media Strategy Workshop.

Through the discussions in this workshop, you will develop a clearer picture of your target audience, what platforms you can use to reach them and what content they would find valuable. Let us assist you in identifying objectives for your social strategy to address and find out how to create content that really sells.

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Last modified: October 7, 2020

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