Brand Reach and Awareness


Impressions generated across Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram

The Problem:

Corner Bakery has 400 stores at Engen garages around South Africa, and although they have a good customer base, brand recognition is low and they face strong competition. Their Facebook and Twitter profiles were barely 3 months old, and social community growth was slow…

The Objective:

  • Improve brand awareness and engagement over the December/January period.
  • Grow Corner Bakery’s social communities across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Build community and conversation around the Corner Bakery brand, extending the brand reach, and associating it with travel and road trips.

The Idea:

People of all ages take advantage of the festive season holidays to set off on long road trips across the country. Car trip games are a classic staple of road trip entertainment, so Corner Bakery launched a national game of ‘I Spy’, inviting South Africans on social media to spot specific items and share photos of their sightings with Corner Bakery in order to win a R500 cash prize. Each day was a new challenge and a fresh chance to win R500 in cash.

The Execution:

Corner Bakery used their existing Facebook and Twitter profiles, and also launched an Instagram profile to allow people to play the game where they felt comfortable. Daily challenges were posted over 24 days, inviting people to share a photo of that day’s item, using the hashtag #ISpy and tagging Corner Bakery. The best photo each day was selected by a panel of judges, and the winner received a code on their mobile device which allowed them to draw their R500 cash prize from their nearest ATM.

The Results:


127 entries on Instagram

731 entries on Twitter

2 251 entries on Facebook

3 109 photo submissions in total across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Brand Reach and Awareness

9 232 485 impressions generated across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Social Community Growth

153 followers on Instagram (from ZERO – the profile launched with the campaign)

31% growth in Facebook fans (from 4,325 to 5,646)

269% growth in Twitter followers (from 148 to 546)

Community and Conversation

Beyond the 3,109 photo submissions, fans and followers responded extremely positively to the campaign, thanking Corner Bakery at the end for the opportunity to play and win. The community around this campaign extended positively beyond Corner Bakery too, with participants encouraging fellow entrants not to give up hope and try again tomorrow…

On the days where a little more effort was required of participants, they happily went out of their way to visit a Corner Bakery store and embellished their photos with Corner Bakery branding. Participants invited their friends to enter, and the cash prize winners were grateful to be able to receive their prize on the same day thanks to the ease of collection via mobile code and ATM.

Thanks to the positive fan response, Corner Bakery has built up an engaged social community, along with increased brand recognition and awareness, developing relationships with individual consumers which they can build on in future campaigns.

As a brand that is very young in the digital space, we wanted to drive brand awareness and grow customer affinity with Corner Bakery. Digitlab’s creative ideas and engagement strategy were the key in us achieving incredibly good reach, engagement and genuine participation from the South African public. In a very short space of time, we are well on our way to building a meaningful social media presence. I’m looking forward to what the forthcoming year holds in store for our customers and our brand.


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Photo Submissions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram