IHS Website

DigitLab is proud to announce the launch of The International Hotel School website. This is the third website refresh that IHS has completed with DigitLab. In this refresh, DigitLab used the latest in development technology and design trends to provide a strong image centric design that captured the imagination of the millennial generation.

DigitLab has enjoyed a long term strategic partnership with IHS since 2009 when Ruth Paulsen reached out to Mike Saunders to assist in developing an online portfolio that would generate leads for the business.

At the time IHS hosted a static website, and had never received a lead from an online source. “It was Ruth’s bravery and boldness to adopt a new marketing strategy that turned their business around, making it more relevant to the market” said Mike Saunders. Ruth worked hard at convincing the IHS directors to commit to the bold move to online marketing. It served them very well, turning into leads in the value of R250 000, 00 in the first six weeks of the launch.

Since then Ruth and her team at IHS have dedicated themselves to building a strong digital and social portfolio that drew in online applications. Today their online portfolio equates to over 65% of their applications to IHS.

IHS allows a number of options to potential students to enquire and apply online, from detailed online application forms to simply “leave your contact details and we’ll call you” actions. These have all lead to the success of the marketing strategy.

“We have worked with DigitLab because they have a handle on Digital Marketing and the Youth Market. They consistently drive our marketing team with strategic intent, creative idea’s and new market trends.” says Ruth Paulsen, Marketing Manager.

Over the past few years, IHS and DigitLab have worked together to create a finely tuned digital marketing strategy that has the agility to move with an ever-changing and demanding Millennial Generation.

Our Company has been with DigitLab since it started. They gave us a digital solution then, and continue to provide us with a digital solution now. As they have grown and expanded, so too has our digital footprint. I would highly recommend them.”
Ruth Paulsen – Marketing Manager – The International Hotel School