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Topic: Social Listening: Where does its value lie in a world of data overload?

Date: March 2022

Description: Join Digitlab CEO Mike Saunders and the experts at Sprout Social in a discussion around how Social Listening tools are evolving and where they create value for brands today.


Mike has collected insight from over 10 years of experience and converted them into powerful, concise and actionable lessons in his books.

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This digital economy is an enigma. People and business have been grappling with its potential for years. Whether we are trying to understand product development in a digital world or parenting in an app-crazy world – we have to admit that the digital economy is one of the most mysterious, enticing and scary economies we have ever had to navigate. This paper aims to explore the impact of technology on people and how people have adapted in a technology-obsessed culture.

Over ten years, Digitlab has been innovating in digital and building products for our clients. These experiences have brought with it an understanding of the complexity involved in innovating with external partners. This paper explores our learnings through our Humancentric Framework and how a business can successfully Innovate Outside.

Many brands are quick to enter the realm of social media, but very few crack the secret to using their content to achieve business goals. This often boils down to a misunderstanding of how social media works – instead of a one-way, owned conversation, it is a mosh pit where brands could be in good graces with their audience one day and then dragged through the mud the next. Read the full whitepaper to better understand how to make your content plan work for you.

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