The November Mash-Up

November 2014 was a great month in the DigitLab camp, from being involved in successful events like Pretoria Digital Day and the DMX 2014 Conference, to lending insights to the industry as a whole…to things we can’t even talk about yet…

7 top retail innovations in 2014

Retailers are getting crazy innovative with their use of technology, taking the shopping experience in exciting new directions. Ten years ago – five, even – who would’ve imagined store changing room mirrors that take full-length snapshots of you that can be sent to friends via social media to get instant feedback on potential clothes? Or who could’ve anticipated an airline partnering with eBay so customers booking a ticket online can see suggestions of household items they could sell to fund said ticket?

DigitLab and IHS win at New Generation Awards 2014!

We are very proud to announce The International Hotel School website won a bronze award for The Best Corporate Website. Over the past few years, IHS and DigitLab have worked together to create a finely tuned digital marketing strategy that has the agility to move with an ever-changing and demanding Millennial Generation.

Seamless Customer Experience: this is retail’s digital future

The digital world has disrupted our marketing worlds and changed the way business communicates with people. Social media has opened the door to two-way conversations with data giving us a better understanding of our market and mobile making our message more accessible to the general consumer.