There's software for your questions

It’s LinkBundle, and it is here to transform your business.

What marketers need

Save Time

Converge all your data into one system

Simplify Reporting

View online and offline data into one system.

Show True ROI

Spend more time finding trends

Why Linkbundle

Holistic & Agnostic

Automatically collects statistics from 3rd party data, proprietary data and public data, seamlessly adds it to one interface so you see the whole picture of your performance.

Linkbundle scrapes various sources to find the best available data and hidden patterns that give you unique insights.

Cleverly Customisable

Customise the data you see, as per the priorities of your business. Add as many competitors as you’d like and as many data plug-ins as you have.

Linkbundle allows you to measure your business according to the performance metrics you need.

Clear, Real-time Reporting

Linkbundle offers you real-time reporting which helps you turn your statistics into actionable insights, instantly.

See how your business is affected, in real-time and declutter how your data is represented.

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