Today, a brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what the consumers tell each other it is. DigitLab aims to create meaningful relationships between you and your consumers through collaboration with influencers that help you tell your brand’s story.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

You’ve spent years building up your brand equity, but ever-changing target markets’ shifting goalposts mean a constant fight to stay relevant. At DigitLab, we deliver actionable strategies aligned with core business objectives to assist brands to pivot, shift, and transform to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Content Development

DigitLab is a collaborative agency, and we love to work closely with brands and businesses to unlock growth. We consult on everything from brand development, to business positioning, competitive analysis, innovation initiatives, and strategy.

Relationship Management

DigitLab manages the relationship with the influencers so the brand receives the best outcome from the process. This includes media drops that help build a positive relationship between the influencer and the brand, and gets the conversation started online. We ensure that the conversation is amplified and maintain good relationships with these newly acquired brand advocates.

Through DigitLab’s efforts the City Lodge’s social media referrals to its booking site has increased significantly.

– Peter Schoeman. Director, City Lodge Hotel Group

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