At DigitLab, we believe that the combination of strategic business solutions and creative problem solving will lead brands through the changing consumer and technology landscape. If you want to create a customised roadmap for your brand and breathe life into big ideas, DigitLab is your go-to digital agency.

Brand Strategy

You’ve spent years building up your brand equity, but ever-changing target markets’ shifting goalposts mean a constant fight to stay relevant. At DigitLab, we deliver actionable strategies aligned with core business objectives to assist brands to pivot, shift, and transform to create sustainable competitive advantage.


DigitLab is a collaborative agency, and we love to work closely with brands and businesses to unlock growth. We consult on everything from brand development, to business positioning, competitive analysis, innovation initiatives, and strategy.

Digital Strategy

We keep our finger on the pulse of trends, market changes, and the competitive landscape – and are ready to assist when you’re looking to leverage digital platforms to connect with your customers and take the next step in your digital journey.


A good idea can never be great until it’s released into the world. At DigitLab, we’re relentlessly curious. We seek out those elusive ideas and tackle them into submission. We live to help brands differentiate through transformational thinking and bold moves.

The whole strategy has been created from scratch with DigitLab’s help. We have reached 57% market share of voice within the Big 4.

– Christophe Bernard. Global Head, KPMG Family Business.

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