Raising Digital Citizens

Digital citizens are not only consumers and employees – they are also our children. Our children are being raised unsupervised in a digital world, and parents are ill equipped to protect them. Most of us are ill equipped simply because this is something we did not have to face ourselves as youths.

So the pertinent question is this: How do you protect your child from the dangers of an online world? Linked to this you may be wondering how you can protect them from people you don’t even know. And how you can help them when their digital world is so private that you probably wouldn’t even know if there was a problem. We hope this simple document Raising Digital Citizens will offer you some answers and help empower you to parent effectively in a digital age.

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I believe that the digital world is intimately woven into the fabric of society, and that people are digital citizens as well as physical citizens. This has fundamentally changed the world in which we raise our children.

Mike Saunders (CEO – DigitLab)