What You Need to Know

Retail has more potential than almost any other industry to create serendipitous experiences for consumers because retailers tend to control the entire supply chain, from manufacture to customer purchase. In years gone by, retailers worked with a relatively linear purchase funnel, perfecting the art of nudging consumers through the purchasing process.

Digital lays the foundation for a more complex, omni-channeled purchase experience, and has forced retailers to move from a linear sales funnel to a series of interwoven experiences initiated by the shopper. Consumers are more empowered, and have access to enough information to make purchase decisions before they arrive in-store.

Consumers are using digital channels to make purchase decisions without ever feeling the influence of the store, and coupled with the ongoing mass consumerisation of mobile technology, you have empowered consumers in every purchase context. In addition, many trends are building critical mass where consumers are acting with increasing complexity. Consumers are combining online and offline purchases into one purchase experience; in some cases benefiting from better pricing and more convenient delivery options.

In other cases though, consumers are feeling the pain of disjointed retail experiences. It cannot be overstated that brick-and-mortar and digital experiences need to co-exist in harmony to provide consumers with seamless, personalised, useful, and mobile customer experiences.

The Future State of Retail identifies five key disruptive forces impacting every aspect of the digital–retail relationship, and the myriad points at which these disruptive forces intersect to shape the retail industry. The impact of social connection, data systems, mobile tech, e-commerce, and connected objects is challenging norms and expectations when it comes to retailers not only surviving, but succeeding, in a digital world.

At these points of intersection, retailers who are able to leverage insight into emerging trends have the potential to transform their retail activities and consumer’s experiences into future success…

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