How Brands use Online Video

2015 was dubbed The Year of Video and bought with its new title a dramatic increase in online video content. 87% of online marketers started using online video marketing. This makes sense when you consider that websites with video content are gaining an audience’s attention for an average of 350 seconds.

However, brand marketers have been using video to portray the story of a brand for years. First-hand experiences in television advertising, video marketing, and long-form documentaries have helped marketers become masters of storytelling, using video as the medium. Now, online video offers opportunities beyond storytelling to help brands build deeper connections with their customers.

In this paper we explore video in detail, as we help you find ways your brand can benefit from its use. We look at how videos can deepen the entire customer experience, launch products in a world with a short attention span and build emotionally moving experiences, especially with the advent of virtual reality and 360-degree video. We hope this easy read will move you to use video in telling your brand story.

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