Boring, mediocrewith mild aspirations.Shame. you won't find that here.

We work flat, fast, and fun. Our swag levels are off the chart. Smarts and passion is what we’re known for. Our office is home to one of the most tightly-knit teams you’ll meet in this industry, which explains why we have our very own hashtag: #WorkFamily.

We invest in our people. At DigitLab, we never stop learning. We allow our team to conceptualise and follow through with their big ideas. Accountability is key. We like to ensure that our team is always passionate and inspired. We trust people to execute their vision for their role, division and team. At every level of our business we aim to support and develop leadership.

DigitLab has grown in leaps and bounds, proving that we are at the forefront of digital. We started with a team of two, and now employ over thirty people.

We are masters of our trade. We commit ourselves to excellence and, thus, have become digital experts. Simply put: we know our stuff. We get a kick out of delivering fresh, sparkly ideas. It doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be clever.

In an ever changing digital world, the only constant is that everything we do is subject to our yardstick for excellence. When clients use our name, they do it with conviction.

Our heart is our people: confident people, people who make you think, people who laugh too loud, enthusiastic people, people with fierce imaginations, people with grand ideas, people who get things done, people with a fire in their belly, people with an appetite for life (and pizza). People. #Workfamily.

We provide an environment that champions creativity and thought leadership, and makes for a career enriched with learning and achievement.