Author: Camilla Bardone

Why You Should Make a Fuss About User Journeys

Business, Digital Focus, Strategy Focus

User Journeys plot out strategies to help your website visitors move seamlessly through your website, enabling a positive experience. This article unpacks how you can help your audience navigate your site effectively.

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The Power of the Pandemic to Unite and Divide

Business, People Focus

The Pandemic is causing suffering and devastation to people and our economy. But its the same pandemic that is uniting us around a common...

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The Dark Side of the Internet

Business, Digital Focus, People Focus

The invention of the internet has undoubtedly enhanced and advanced society as a whole.  We have limitless access to information...

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Unlearning and Relearning: Preparing For Work In A Digital Economy

Digital Focus, People Focus

Unlearning and Relearning: Preparing For Work In A Digital Economy  It’s been said that the pace of change will never be this slow...

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