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Multi-channel Linkedin
and Email Sales
Enablement at Scale

Omnichannel Sales Prospecting

Contacting leads through multiple channels is more effective. Utilise email, LinkedIn, and phone calls in a multi-channel outreach sequence. Integration into HubSpot and other CRMs.

Generate customers at scale with Lemlist

As a lead generation company, we partner with Lemlist to bring outbound sales and social selling under the same sales enablement strategy.

Your all-in-one outreach solution

Lemlist is the most advanced sales engagement platform and the top choice for customer generation. 

Find prospects

Find buyer-ready prospects and their contact details with minimal effort directly on the platform, using the most accurate and up-to-date database of 450 million leads. 

Get personal

Personalise emails at scale by incorporating custom intro lines, images, dynamic landing pages, liquid syntax, and more.


Go multichannel

Discover valid email addresses for your LinkedIn leads directly within Lemlist – no need for third-party tools.
 Generate highly personalised multichannel campaigns using the most advanced AI on the market, trained by successful campaigns from over 400 million emails sent by top outreach experts. Create multichannel campaigns with advanced conditions to engage leads on their preferred channel at the optimal time, resulting in higher conversions.


Avoid spam

Avoid the risk of ending up in spam folders by using the most advanced warm-up and deliverability booster available on the market (for free)

Over 37 000 Lemlist users have put their prospecting on autopilot mode and currently generate millions in revenue each month.

Are you ready to join them?

Build your lead list with Lemlist

Build your lead list with Lemlist