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Sales Teams

Selling in the digital age means understanding the digital tools and technologies available to you to effectively leverage your online presence to reach, engage, and convert your target prospects and customers.

When we work with sales teams and sales managers, we focus on two primary aspects that the digital economy has impacted.

1) Online Lead Generation

2) Social Selling

Online Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of creating leads for your salespeople. A lead is a prospective client who has shown an interest in your company’s product or service offerings.

Lead generation refers to the methods used to attract and convert potential clients (also known as your marketing efforts). It’s all about attracting people in unique ways, piquing their interest, and ultimately making a sale. We live in a digital economy, so it makes sense to focus on generating leads online.

Our team focuses on generating leads for your business by adopting a host of tactics like:

  • Using content marketing to establish authority
  • Making use of paid social media and Google Advertising
  • Optimising your site to attract more search engine traffic
  • Implementing automated email marketing campaigns to nurture your sales leads
  • Implementing a CRM system to track sales performance

Email Signature Marketing

Did you know that email is still the most valuable means to communicate with people today? Everyone is on the end of their mail almost every day. So it makes sense to make the most of your email signatures to drive additional sales opportunities.


Convert website visitors into paying customers and speed up customer resolutions with customisable chatbots. Through our Sprout Social partnership, we can create powerful automated sales-driven chatbots that can drive leads to your business from your social media channels.

Our technology team can also assess your website and digital infrastructure to advise on the development of sales-driving chatbots that automate the delivery of qualified sales leads to your sales teams or even to your website.

Social Sales Training

We work with you to build a customised training programme that helps your salespeople understand how to use social media channels to build a sales pipeline. We create these programmes with a combination of workshops, written training material and one-on-one training sessions.


Building Employee Advocacy

Our Employee Social Advocacy Programmes are designed to extend the reach and improve the authenticity of your brand through the promotion of content in employee and partner social feeds. Learning from our trust equation, we know that social algorithms and personally shared content has a much higher propensity for engagement, reach and sharability inside social networks.

These programmes are excellent in helping you leverage the social selling potential of your entire organisation.

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