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Doers & Dreamers

A guide to making dreams happen. Discover a treasure trove of insights, inspiration, and strategies that can transform your vision into a reality. This book is a collection of interviews and articles featuring the visionary founders behind world-changing companies and organisations. From industry titans like Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Airbnb, and Asana to socially conscious brands like Toms Shoes, we bring you the stories of those who turned their dreams into action.

Insight 2024: The State of Digital Report

In collaboration with the Digital Marketing Conference, the survey on the current state of digital was conducted to gain valuable insights into the marketing strategies and industry trends currently making waves in the digital landscape. This was the end result: 120 companies surveyed, 20 top trend and digital experts worldwide provide 156 pages of insight into your 2024 digital marketing plans.

Elevating Copywriting: The Synergy of Human Creativity and AI

AI is undoubtedly transforming the way we approach copywriting, challenging the traditional methods while offering a new frontier of possibilities. This whitepaper will hopefully shine a light on just how to navigate this phenomenon creatively in today’s digital age.

Ultimate Guide to Powering Your RevOps Strategy

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the critical aspects of Revenue Operations (RevOps) and how it can transform your business.

Personal Branding for LinkedIn

This eBook details the critical elements of creating an impactful personal brand on LinkedIn. From optimising your profile to crafting meaningful content and utilising tools for streamlining efforts – we’ve got you covered!

The Quick Guide to Hubspot CRM Integration

This quick guide unveils the power of CRM integration in marketing and how it can elevate your efficiency and ROI. By downloading and reading this guide, you will gain actionable insights to amplify your marketing efforts and achieve higher returns. 

A Guide to WordPress Security for Marketers

This guide provides you with invaluable insights into the world of WordPress security, and actionable steps to enhance your website’s security posture.

Threads Unravelled - Untangling the Hype Around Instagram's Twitter Rival App

This eBook explores the potential of Threads, Instagram’s Twitter rival app. Gain valuable insights on navigating this emerging platform, assessing its advertising capabilities, and capitalising on its growing user base.

Social Media Data in your Digital Marketing Strategy

With this white paper, we aim to provide you with valuable insights and practical advice on effectively utilizing social media data to drive growth and success for your business.

The Benefits of Using Your CRM to Power Your Marketing

This guide explores and explains how to harness the power of your data and turn your CRM into a revenue-generating growth machine.

The Rise of Google AI in Advertising

Welcome to the future of hotel advertising! As technology advances, so does our ability to reach potential guests more personally and effectively. One of the most exciting developments that Google has employed is artificial intelligence (AI), a cutting-edge technology that can help hotels target their audience more accurately and meaningfully. In this white paper, we’ll explore how Google AI is changing the landscape of hotel marketing – from identifying critical demographics to tailoring ads based on individual preferences.

The Hidden Cost of Cobbled Systems for Sales Leaders

In the old world, if you wanted to scale, you’d either increase headcount or improve productivity per rep. In the new world, budgets are a little tighter, improving productivity per rep is more important than ever, and sustainable growth is the name of the game. How do you set your team up for success? By taking a close look at what’s holding you back

Identifying and Overcoming the Crisis of Disconnection

HubSpot has compiled insights from research conducted over the last year in order to understand the biggest challenges SMBs are facing in today’s economy and the solutions they’re using to overcome them. Digitlab is proud to co-present this report.