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Startup Marketing

Startup marketing to help your business thrive in a digital age.

Why partner with a startup marketing agency?

Entrepreneurs today live in a digital economy that they need to leverage to succeed. Anyone looking to build a startup needs a startup marketing technology partner (either in house or external) that they can rely on to deliver on key aspects of their new business. It is not about building a digital product; it’s about learning to succeed in a digital world.

Startups need to leverage technology to:

Build their products

Generate sales for their products

Deliver excellent customer service

Understand their customers

Product Development: Turning ideas into reality

We come with over ten years of experience in developing products for startups, helping corporations pivot into new markets, and finding new ways to differentiate a business. Digitlab is perfectly positioned to turn your idea into a reality.

Our startup marketing team brings a unique blend of business, code, consumer knowledge and design thinking to help your ideas succeed.

digital marketing plan

Build digital solutions that people love:

  • Create customer experiences that provide success
  • Build online and digital business models that create commercial value
  • Develop MVP products that don’t break the bank and put the product on the road to success
  • Embed growth hacking tactics into your product

Startup marketing & sales: taking your product & service to market

Digitlab is a startup marketing partner that pioneers in social media and digital marketing, including inbound marketing using leading platforms like HubSpot. We’re the first to take big brands online and help them create a strong return on investment. Under-pinned with a humancentric approach, Digitlab has helped its startup clients develop leads, improve brand perception, manage reputations, build brand value, and, most importantly, sales.

Whether you are taking a brand-new idea to market or needing to build demand and brand presence for an existing product – our proven methodologies will create a robust strategy that will set you apart from the competition.

Clients that we serve:

TrackBOX / SACAN Testimonial

CEO of SA CAN, Brian Jones, worked closely with Digitlab through the creation process and emphasises the importance of working with a company that shares the same work ethic and drive that SACAN does.

Salty Lemon Testimonial

Salty Lemon is a young startup from Germany. We choose Digitlab as a marketing partner end of 2020. Since then, this partnership has turned out to be extremely valuable to us. I can only recommend working with them, especially with companies and startups within Europe, since we are working in the time zone, enabling us to push projects through no matter the geographical distance. Compared to marketing agents within Europe, Digitlab is offering an excellent price-performance ratio. We have found in Digitlab a trustworthy, loyal partner who thinks out of the box, which is really refreshing. 

Stefan Hain – Co-Founder & CEO Salty Lemon

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