DigitLab and IHS win at New Generation Awards 2014!

We are very proud to announce The International Hotel School website won a bronze award for The Best Corporate Website. Over the past few years, IHS and DigitLab have worked together to create a finely tuned digital marketing strategy that has the agility to move with an ever-changing and demanding Millennial Generation.

Navigate the Wild West of social media

People often speak of their “private FB page”, but as lawyer Emma Sadleir reiterated during her talk at Durban’s first ever Social by the Sea gathering last Thursday, the word “private” should in fact never be used in connection with social media. Anything you write online is never private, because you can be found out, even if you’re using a supposedly anonymous account.

The Millennials are the Eco-Warriors We’ve Been Waiting for

Being a millennial is more than purely being born in the right time bracket, and not as bad as having to take on the hipster mantel.

Our Digital Heritage

In celebration of Heritage Day, the DigitLab #WorkFamily decided to share their varied digital heritage. It’s fascinating to see how everyone’s journey started into the world of tech that we all know and love! Happy Heritage Day Everyone!