Converting social media data into deeds

My working life began in earnest when I joined a consultancy who specialised in benchmarking for manufacturing.

Attracting the twentysomething worker

I came across this article from Fortune Magazine, and, as an unashamed Gen Y, it was such a great read, so I thought I’d share a few relevant insights from Nadira Hira’s field guide to Generation Y...

Hitting the road with Momentum and Big Heart 750

The DigitLab team recently had the chance to work with Momentum on their Big Heart 750 initiative...

Recruitment perks of a premium profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is without a doubt the leader in electronic recruiting.

DA dominates in digital space

The second formal website benchmarking survey of South African political parties was released today by World Wide Worx.

A Difficult Day Without Shoes

It seems flippant to say that I found going without shoes for one day incredibly difficult.

Playing by the rules of the Consumer Protection Act

In a recent Memeburn article, Candice De Carvalho discusses how the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) will affect marketing across social networks, as well as online advertising and retailing in South Africa:

Get Your Head in the Game

On the off chance that you’ve been spelunking in a cave for the past two years, here’s what you’ve missed: Justin Bieber, the FIFA World Cup, a few other world events, and Foursquare!