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Brand safety on Twitter (now known as X) - apps on a phone

Brand safety on Twitter (now known as X) 

We recently hosted a webinar on brand trust with Twitter in a South African context, not knowing that Elon Musk was about to rebrand the entire platform and give it a new name.

We got to hear from the Senior Twitter Client Partner at Ad Dynamo, Erin Brett, as she shared some eye-opening insights into the brand safety measures of the platform. She also shared what it’s been like since Elon Musk took over.

Here’s what she had to say regarding the platform’s brand safety measures and implementations.   

Policies that make your brand safe

Erin shared about the three layers of protection that are in place on the platform before a brand ad reaches the eyes of a user. The first one is policies that they’ve implemented to keep brand trust and safety at the forefront of their platform.   

Their policies remain largely unchanged, like their Rules around hate speech, abuse, misleading identities, and protection from ads being served alongside unsafe or sensitive content. They have, however, introduced a few fundamental changes.  

They’ve reintroduced cause-based and political ads, which they will manage and monitor in the same way that the rest of the internet does. The more significant changes that the platform has made is more enforcement than ever to find and deal with what they call bad actors.  

These are fake or spammy accounts, hateful or violent accounts, impersonating someone on the platform from another account, and other unhelpful and unsafe activities like this.  

The platform has shifted away from removal and towards a process called deamplification. The goal of this is to reduce the number of times hateful conduct is seen across the platform. This approach mirrors an industry-wide shift towards reach and prevalence.

Products that make your brand safe

To ensure a greater level of brand safety measures on all ad campaigns, Twitter X has introduced a few new helpful products to its offering. The first is pre-bid adjacency controls, along with a brand safety adjacent measurement. This will make sure that ads don’t appear next to sensitive content on the platform. This extra layer of protection helps your ad to appear in more brand-safe environments on the platform.   

They’ve also introduced community management tools to help advertisers control who can respond to ads that are placed. This will ensure a safer environment for all. These conversations can also be adjusted reactively if that’s required.   

Erin found that 99% of Promoted Tweets appeared next to brand-safe content. This shows just how effective their suite of brand-safety products is.   

Partners that make your brand safe 

Trust and transparency go hand-in-hand. That’s why Twitter X has partnered with various companies dedicated to ensuring brand safety and awareness and has formed valuable partnerships as a founding member of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media.   

To hear more about this and many of the other interesting insights that Erin gave us, you can watch the full webinar below.


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