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Twitter X: What did we miss?  - New logo for X, formerly Twitter

X (formerly Twitter): What Did We Miss?  

Our CEO Mike Saunders recently sat down with the Senior Twitter Client Partner at Ad Dynamo, Erin Brett, to discuss brand trust with Twitter in our South African context.

We were treated to a plethora of insights and valuable pearls of digital wisdom as Erin took us through everything we need to know about the new (and seemingly improved) Twitter, post-Elon’s takeover, including the biggest news of the hour which was that the platform would officially be renamed as ‘X’.   

Here’s a bit more about what X, formerly known as Twitter, has been like since Elon Musk took over at the helm.  

From Twitter to X  

It was quite something to have prepared for a webinar about brand trust on Twitter for months, only to wake up on the day of it to news that Elon had officially renamed the platform ‘X’.   

While we didn’t discuss this enormous rebrand in detail, Erin did speak about the fact that all Twitter merch everywhere would now officially be vintage and that the rebrand didn’t affect anything in the way of business as usual.   

With the platform going through some major changes over the past while, we spoke a bit about what’s changed (and what hasn’t) since Musk took over.   

There’s no place like Twitter X (for brands)  

Now that the dust has settled, and Elon has settled in, it looks like many of the brands that originally left the platform have returned and are asking what they missed. As Erin put it, they missed a lot, mainly because there were many brands that actually stayed on the platform through acquisition, and, more importantly, customers of these brands also stayed.   

Speaking on the 2023 Super Bowl as an example of this mass migration back to the platform, Erin showed us that there was a 20% increase in tweets about the event from the 2022 version, as well as an 18% increase in unique tweet authors from last year’s showpiece.   

The proof is in the pudding, right? You can’t argue with the Super Bowl.   

People still love Twitter and things  

Erin’s presentation on Twitter X post-acquisition revealed that people are still flocking to the platform to read, watch and listen to the things they love most. Meaning that they’re not mindlessly scrolling on the platform; they’re intentionally looking for news/sports/music/movies etc.  

It seems Twitter X is still the place for reliable sources of information, with Erin actually telling us that there’s been a 0% change in sentiment since the acquisition by Elon Musk.   

This was only the tip of the iceberg in our conversation with Erin. Watch the full webinar and find out more about everything mentioned above, below.


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