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The Ultimate Guide to Email Automation Lead Nurturing

The Ultimate Guide to Email Automation Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a powerful way to continue the conversation with your customers wherever they are in their journey with your business.

The word “nurture” is not out of place here, as that’s exactly what the goal is; to nurture. Not scare away, not spam, not irritate. You want to make sure you’re engaging your customers in a way that delights them at each stage of their buying journey. Here’s the ultimate guide on how you can do that.

This is made simpler by automating this method of delighting your customers. Automated lead nurturing can help you reach customers with the right email content at the right time, creating an email experience that nurtures instead of harms.  

Here are some of the best lead nurturing scenarios that we’ve found can help drive business forward and build relationships with leads and customers.  

First Conversion Nurture 

This nurturing path is designed to provide your visitors with high-quality content right after they submit their first form. The information you send to a lead in their first few emails will set the stage for their entire email experience. By automating this process, you can create a positive and engaging nurturing experience for your new leads. 

Event/Webinar Registration Nurture 

If you host or participate in events, you can use lead nurturing to automatically send emails to your contacts promoting registration. This is best done with a fixed-date workflow that focuses on one specific date. To keep your event from becoming repetitive in your contacts’ inboxes, try to highlight different speakers, topics, or value propositions alongside your event registration call to action. 

Product/Service Launch Nurture 

Generating excitement for a new product launch can be challenging. One helpful strategy is to pre-schedule a series of emails to be sent out in the lead-up to the launch. These emails can include a subscription option for notifications when the product or service goes live, as well as additional information about the product’s features.

New Customer Nurture 

Once a customer is acquired, it is typical to send them a series of welcome emails that ensure they have the information and resources they need to start using your products or services. Making use of this ultimate guide and automating these emails can help to streamline the customer onboarding process and free up your team to focus on other tasks. 

Consultation/Demo Nurture 

This nurture is intended to gradually transition contacts from your more educational materials to potentially considering a consultation, demo, or more product-related materials. Timing is key with this style of workflow, but it is important to ensure that this transition is done without rushing the lead.

“Instead of interrupting, work on attracting.” — Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Co-Founder, HubSpot


Leads may lose interest over time. Instead of letting them slip away, design re-nurturing campaigns to remind them of your value. Offer them something enticing—a limited-time discount, an exclusive update, or a fresh piece of content. 


After setting up your email automation using our ultimate guide, it’s crucial to monitor the engagement levels of opens and clicks, along with keeping an eye on the unsubscribe rate. Utilize these metrics as your compass, steering your choices regarding email frequency, content themes, and formats. This valuable data will not only steer the evolution of your lead nurturing approach but also empower you to create more finely tuned and adaptable email automation sequences. 

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to lead nurturing, reach out to us here at Digitlab. We’d love to help your business reach its full potential.  


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