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The Digital Toolkit: Workflow

Are you ready to streamline your sales workflows and win more opportunities? empowers you to find, contact and close your ideal buyers with AI-powered solutions like sequencing, email personalisation, and click-to-dial. 

In this edition of The Digital Toolkit, we unpack what is, a brief history of the product, which businesses can benefit from using it, the capabilities it offers, and how to get started with your own solution today. logo

What is is a cloud-based sales intelligence and engagement platform that helps businesses find, connect with, and engage with their target audience. It offers a variety of features, including contact and company data, sales engagement tools, and analytics.

It is a powerful tool that can help businesses improve their sales performance and workflow.

A brief history. was founded in 2015 by Ray Li, Roy Chung and Tim Zheng. It has grown rapidly since its founding, with over 10,000 customers including some of the world’s leading brands, such as Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has offices in London, Singapore, and Sydney.

Who can benefit from it?

B2B marketers can help B2B marketers with finding their target audience, track their sales activity, and improve their sales performance.
Sales development representatives
It helps sales developers find qualified leads, track their outreach, and improve their conversion rates.
Account executives
The tool can assist account execs with closing deals, tracking their pipeline and workflow, and improving their win rates.
Marketing agencies
It can help marketing agencies find new clients, track their performance, and improve their results.
Freelance marketers assists freelance marketers to find new clients, track their time, and improve their rates.
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Why choose

Contact and company data has a large database of contact and company data, which businesses can use to find their target audience. This data includes contact information, company information, and social media profiles.
Sales engagement tools offers a variety of sales engagement tools, such as email tracking, call tracking, and CRM integration. These tools can help businesses track their sales activity and improve their outreach.
The tool provides businesses with analytics on their sales activity, so they can track their performance and workflow and make improvements. This data includes information on leads, opportunities, and closed deals.
Workflow automation
It allows businesses to automate their sales workflows, such as lead generation and outreach. This can save businesses time and improve their efficiency.
Integrations integrates with a variety of other applications, such as CRMs, email marketing platforms, and social media platforms. This allows businesses to connect their sales data with other data sources and improve their overall sales performance.
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How to get started with

If you think could be the game-changer your marketing toolkit has been missing, you’re not wrong. Get started with today and elevate your lead generation with the power of artificial intelligence.


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