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Moderation Over Momentum: How Mid-Tier Companies Navigate Marketing Budgets for Stable Growth

Mid-tier business revenues range from R10 million to R99.9 million, which means a nuanced approach to a marketing budget is shaping the path to stable growth.

These companies, positioned in the mid-tier sweet spot, are strategically opting for moderation over momentum when it comes to a marketing budget, demonstrating a balanced and cautious optimism 

We’re going to delve into why mid-tier businesses are leaning towards slight increases rather than significant changes in their marketing spend while looking for answers in the insights revealed by the Insight 2024 State of Digital Report 

A Balanced Approach to a Marketing Budget Among Mid-Tier Companies

Within the mid-tier, or ‘Marlin’, revenue category, businesses are showcasing a balanced perspective when it comes to their marketing budgets. A notable majority, 63.04%, reported increases, with a significant portion favouring slight increments.  

This trend suggests that mid-tier companies are navigating the seas of business with cautious optimism, recognising the value of measured growth in their marketing endeavours. 

Cautious Optimism in Moderation

The inclination of mid-tier businesses towards slight increases in marketing spend reflects this cautiously optimistic mindset. These companies are not driven by impulsive decisions but are instead making informed choices to steadily propel themselves forward.  

This measured approach aligns with their strategic goals, ensuring that growth is sustainable and resilient, even in the face of economic challenges. 

Economic Realities: Facing Challenges Head-On

While most mid-tier companies are opting for measured growth, our report also highlights that 10.87% of respondents significantly decreased their marketing budgets. This adjustment underscores an awareness of the economic challenges that larger organisations are currently grappling with. 

marketing budget

Mid-tier businesses are demonstrating adaptability and financial prudence by making strategic decisions in response to the broader economic landscape. 

Charting a Course for Stable Growth

As mid-tier businesses continue to showcase a balanced and cautious approach to their marketing budgets, they are charting a course for stable growth. The significance of slight increases over significant changes reflects a commitment to resilience and adaptability.  

In the face of economic challenges affecting larger organisations, mid-tier businesses are proving that moderation is a key driver of sustained success. 

Insight 2024

To conclude, the data from the State of Digital Report sheds light on the deliberate and strategic choices made by mid-tier businesses. By opting for moderation in marketing spend, these companies are not only navigating the seas of business with insight but are also setting the stage for stable and sustainable growth.  

For a deeper dive into the trends shaping the mid-tier landscape, explore the detailed insights provided by the report here.


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