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Inbound marketing webinar

Digitlab Webinars: Inbound Marketing Mastery with Real Estate CRM

Unlock the secrets of Inbound Marketing in the real estate industry with our upcoming webinar tailored for real estate agents, brokers, and marketing teams. This session promises to delve into the world of Real Estate CRM, showcasing strategies and techniques to amplify your inbound marketing efforts.

Webinar Highlights

What You’ll Learn

You’ll discover how to leverage CRM tools specifically designed for the unique needs of real estate marketing. We’ll also explore techniques to capture and manage leads in the competitive real estate market and go through best practices for nurturing real estate leads through personalised campaigns and strategies to guide potential buyers and sellers through the real estate journey.

We’ll also dive into real-world examples of using CRM to optimise the real estate sales process, along with integration tips for aligning CRM with real estate marketing goals.

Webinar Focus

This webinar will focus on the following topics:

Real Estate CRM Mastery

We’ll unpack the unique benefits of CRM tools tailored for the real estate industry, highlighting features that can give real estate professionals a competitive edge.

Lead Capture in the Real Estate Market

We’ll address challenges specific to real estate lead capture and demonstrate how CRM can enhance lead capture in a real estate context.

Personalized Lead Nurturing for Real Estate

We’ll craft personalised lead nurturing campaigns for different stages of the real estate cycle and look how to utilise CRM data to understand and respond to individual client needs.

Target Audience

  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers seeking to maximise their marketing efforts with CRM tools.
  • Professionals aiming to stay ahead in a competitive real estate market.
  • Real Estate Marketing Teams dedicated to promoting real estate properties and services.
  • Teams looking for effective ways to integrate CRM into their real estate marketing strategy.

About the Speaker

Meet Mike Saunders, the driving force behind our Real Estate CRM Mastery webinar. As the CEO of Digitlab, he brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach to digital strategies. With a proven track record in successful social media strategies for major South African businesses and a significant role in the launch of #MARTECH marketing technologies, Mike is a recognised authority in the digital field.

Webinar Outcome

Attendees will gain industry-specific knowledge on leveraging CRM tools in real estate marketing, learn strategies to capture and convert leads effectively in the real estate sector, and gain insights into optimising marketing strategies with CRM tools tailored for the real estate industry.

You’ll leave with actionable insights to immediately enhance your real estate marketing efforts. Register below!


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