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Strategic spending

Strategic Spending: Is Digital Marketing the Great Equaliser for Mid-Sized Companies?

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, businesses are continually adapting their strategies to stay afloat in the competitive landscape. Our recently released State of Digital Report sheds light on the strategic spending patterns of businesses, revealing intriguing insights into the role of digital marketing as the great equaliser for mid-sized companies.

The Whales – A Conservative Stance

Large corporations, often considered marketing whales due to their significant presence in the industry, display a conservative approach to digital marketing. The report indicates that these giants allocate a mere 4.17% of their budget in the 76-100% range for digital marketing.

This reserved allocation suggests that big businesses view digital platforms as supplementary rather than primary, leveraging a diversified marketing strategy.

The Marlins – The Adaptability Quotient

Mid-sized businesses emerge as the agile players in the marketing arena, displaying a significant tilt towards digital platforms. Allocating over half of their budget to digital marketing in both the 26-50% and 76-100% categories, mid-sized companies seem to be using digital avenues to compete with larger entities or assert dominance over smaller counterparts.

This adaptability underscores their belief in digital marketing as a tool to level the playing field and drive growth.

The Dolphins – Caution Meets Potential

Small businesses showcase a nuanced approach to digital marketing, balancing caution with potential. While a majority allocate less than 10% of their budget to digital marketing, a significant portion invests between 51-75%. This distribution reflects a balancing act between budget constraints and the promise of digital marketing’s reach and cost-effectiveness.

The dip in the 26-50% range suggests that small businesses are either minimally involved or considerably committed, with fewer sitting on the fence.

Budget Allocation Across Business Categories

The report also delves into the budget allocation across different categories of businesses based on their financial size. Companies with a budget of less than R5 million show a conservative approach, with only 10.81% allocating 26-50% to digital marketing.

On the other hand, those with a budget ranging from R5 million to R9.9 million display a stronger emphasis, with 41.67% allocating 51-75% to digital marketing. This disparity highlights the evolving nature of digital marketing adoption across varying business sizes.


As businesses traverse the digital landscape, the State of Digital Report offers valuable insights into the diverse strategies employed by different-sized enterprises. Whether conservative, adaptable, or cautiously optimistic, businesses are striving to establish a unique digital presence. The report signals a clear transition towards digital marketing, emphasising the need for businesses to carefully navigate the waters and craft strategies tailored to their specific needs and aspirations.

In this era of digital transformation, the role of digital marketing as the great equaliser for mid-sized companies is increasingly evident, providing opportunities for growth and competition on a global scale.


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