Be Brave: Differentiate with Digital

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How Brands are Using Video

In a world run down by information overload, video presents information succinctly and emotively, a huge asset in trying to attract attention and portray messages quickly. It’s no wonder that Axonn Research found that seven in ten people saw brands in a more positive light after viewing an interesting video about them. So, with video on the rise, let’s look at how brands are using online video in more detail.

Are you the biggest contributor to your brand sentiment?

It is possible that you are contributing to your own negative sentiment without even knowing it. Someone is upset with your brand and you respond with a simple statement:

Harnessing your digital platforms to retain key talent

Employers across the board are clear on the need to use their digital platforms to access and engage with customers, as well as potential employees. What is less clearly understood is the need to use those same platforms, give or take a few, to interact with present employees, driving company culture, loyalty and communication.

Charities: You Need to Tell Your Story

In honour of Mandela Day, DigitLab took to heart the philosophy of give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for the rest of his life. We wanted to use our knowledge and skills to empower others to take control of their own story and ability to reach the audience they needed to in a sustainable way.

This Week in Digital: 26 June 2015

Welcome back to your weekly roundup of our highlights in the digital world, coming to you just in time for you to hold your own in any tech-related conversation this weekend (for other topics though, you’re on your own a little there – good luck!).

Who has the Influence These Days?

In the golden age of advertising (think Mad Men, think 1950s) it was the brands telling the consumers how to think, what to do, and how to live.

Love for brands uplifting local communities

National pride can be a tricky thing at times depending on where you live. Pride in one’s city is often easier to foster and take on. Brands that work towards the good and promotion of a city or town can expect to generate a good deal of brand love in return. Because we all love it when we see our city promoted, when we see it flourish. And changes and improvements to our locality – to things like streets corners, parks and public squares – are things we really can see and feel.

7 strategies for crowdfunding like a pro

For several years entrepreneurs and organisations around the world have been making use of crowdfunding platforms to fund their start-ups and projects. Crowdfunding, for those unsure of what it is, refers to gathering money – usually via the Internet – for a project or venture by way of raising numerous small amounts of money from numerous different people, not necessarily known to the fundraiser. While not all find success with this approach, many do, and a good number of those end up being far more successful than they ever dared hope.

Your Brand Needs an Opinion

It’s marketing 101 to avoid the major contentious topics when allowing your brand a voice. Everyone knows that you don’t touch: