Spotlight On…Andy Carrie

If you’re from Durban, and on Instagram or in the digital space, you’ve probably heard of Andy. This 26 year old Content Marketer and Content Creator took to Instagram like a duck to water – and more than 800 posts later, has developed his own brand of visual story-telling.

This Week in Digital: 19 June 2015

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Who has the Influence These Days?

In the golden age of advertising (think Mad Men, think 1950s) it was the brands telling the consumers how to think, what to do, and how to live.

8 ways to keep star millennials in your workforce

Speaking as a millennial, I can say that we’re a generation presumptuous enough to expect our work to work for us. What I mean by that is that while we know it’s necessary to work to earn a living, we’re fairly adamant that that work should also be stimulating, rewarding, and life-enhancing. We grew up being told that we can achieve anything we want, after all.

Your Brand Needs an Opinion

It’s marketing 101 to avoid the major contentious topics when allowing your brand a voice. Everyone knows that you don’t touch:

Smart Brands Up-Skill Their Customers

Instagram, one of the world’s biggest social media platforms, has a key word smashed into it that helps to explain its phenomenal success: instant. With the Instagram app one can instantly become a ‘pro’ photographer and editor, cropping photos, adding arty filters, fiddling with alignment, changing colour saturation, and so on. Instagram effectively transposes specialist skills to amateur and less-than-amateur consumers without the latter having to spend the normal time and effort needed to acquire them.

What brands can learn from the humanness of HONY

If you haven’t yet heard of the wildly popular Humans of New York (HONY), then it’s a good thing you’ve stumbled across this blog post. Because you want to know about it, trust me.

Make customers wait at your peril

In October of last year Starbucks launched a mobile app for 150 of its stores in Portland, Oregon that allows customers to place and pay for orders remotely. That way, when they get to the store, their order is all ready for them. Waiting eliminated.

Why making your clients sweat is a good idea

With consumers becoming increasingly bored with, cynical or indifferent towards advertising, engaging your customers in a unique way is important to building a good relationship with them. A growing trend in retail is ‘playsumerism’, a type of consumerism that focuses on offering customers something more. Something more than the usual, the expected, the uninvolved. Brands engaging in playsumerism put together campaigns that offer customers life-enhancing experiences, ones that are fun, engaging, unique, surprising, off-beat, or even challenging.