Make customers wait at your peril

In October of last year Starbucks launched a mobile app for 150 of its stores in Portland, Oregon that allows customers to place and pay for orders remotely. That way, when they get to the store, their order is all ready for them. Waiting eliminated.

Why making your clients sweat is a good idea

With consumers becoming increasingly bored with, cynical or indifferent towards advertising, engaging your customers in a unique way is important to building a good relationship with them. A growing trend in retail is ‘playsumerism’, a type of consumerism that focuses on offering customers something more. Something more than the usual, the expected, the uninvolved. Brands engaging in playsumerism put together campaigns that offer customers life-enhancing experiences, ones that are fun, engaging, unique, surprising, off-beat, or even challenging.

Marketing to Africa’s low-connectivity feature phone users

Key to Africa’s IT story is the mobile phone, a device that has connected millions to the internet who would otherwise have had no access to it. Apart from all the other advantages it offers – like connecting with distant family and friends, mobile payments, healthcare support schemes, and more – this phenomenon has opened up a lucrative new avenue for businesses and marketers, who now have access to an enormous and largely untapped market.

Millennial Moms a powerful niche market

Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1996, so it refers to those of us presently aged between 18 and 33. Speaking as a millennial, we are clearly a wildly diverse group, sometimes seemingly held together by nothing more than our age bracket. Yet there are discernible trends to each generation, which are useful in research and analysis. One prominent example of our ‘millennialism’ is our easy adoption and use of new technologies.

Generation Why

If Gen X were the rebels, Gen Y are the trailblazers.

The Millennials are the Eco-Warriors We’ve Been Waiting for

Being a millennial is more than purely being born in the right time bracket, and not as bad as having to take on the hipster mantel.

Keeping your child safe from cyberbullies

We all love our kids and would do pretty much anything to ensure their well-being, right? The problem comes in when we don’t know how to protect them, because the dangers they face aren’t anything we experienced when we were their age and so most of us don’t fully understand them. Well, humiliating posts and photos on social media sites, aggressive online messages and threats, character slurs and rumours, cyber stalking, sexting, and anonymous blackmail … these and more are the realities kids are facing by growing up in a hyper-connected world. Their social lives are increasingly defined by digital interactions, and we as parents need to find appropriate and timeous methods of dealing with the threat. We need to equip our kids to navigate this aspect of their lives, as with all others, in a safe manner. How do we do that?

#JOMO is the new #FOMO in 2014

#FOMO, the popular hashtag that expresses a persons Fear Of Missing Out, has been a major trend among internet users over the last year. In 2014 we see the introduction of #JOMO.

Moms: A New Generation of Social Consumers

When it comes to social consumers, moms are the unexpected majority...When it comes to social consumers, moms are the unexpected majority... Active on social media, moms are the ultimate in brand recommendations. You may ignore your own mother’s advice, but when it comes to purchase decisions …

Happy workers = Productive workers

Beyond bonuses and salary raises, there are many ways to keep your workers happy...Beyond bonuses and salary raises, there are many ways to ensure happy workers. Businesses need to get creative with ensuring their workers are healthy and productive …