Digital Focus

Influencing web design through data!

Digital Focus, Tech Focus

Judging what’s best for an audience is never far from an analyst or web designer’s mind. The ability to predict whether a web design...

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Looks do matter

Brand Focus, Business, Digital Focus

Ever had an experience like this? You have an appointment at a company that you have never dealt with before. You arrive, on time for your...

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Why You Should Make a Fuss About User Journeys

Business, Digital Focus, Strategy Focus

User Journeys plot out strategies to help your website visitors move seamlessly through your website, enabling a positive experience. This article unpacks how you can help your audience navigate your site effectively.

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Copywriting for Landing Pages

Business, Digital Focus

Planning out your user journey often involves landing pages, but how much effort should you put into the copywriting of this page?...

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Help for Small to Meduim Businesses

Business, Digital Focus, People Focus

Get the best return on investment with your digital marketing. Times are tough out there for everyone in business at the moment and none...

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Icebreaker Resources for Virtual Workshops

Business, Culture, Digital Focus

Everybody needs some help breaking the ice – here are some great things to get your workshop participants talking!

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Innovative Virtual Conferences

Business, Digital Focus

Put the people attending your virtual conference at the heart of your planning - here are some areas you can't skimp on!...

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Time to reassess your marketing strategy?

Digital Focus, Strategy Focus

What a challenging and surreal marketing environment we currently find ourselves in. Many brands and businesses have always been confident...

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Did Social Media Kill Storytelling?

Digital Focus, People Focus

Mankind has been telling stories right from the very beginning, but has social media – and the immediacy it brings – killed storytelling?

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