The business blog R-evolution

Following a recent venture providing technical support – and the countless queries I received from the “less-technologically-advanced” Generation X crowd – I felt rather inspired to write about the blogging world and how our technology and marketing skills are evolving!

Dear @Valentine … will you be mine?

Whether you are a romantic or not – the fact of the matter is that in today’s era you will not be able to avoid the Valentine's Day fever.

Does your brand need to get a little more social?

We all know that social media is by no means new, however it’s astounding how many businesses have failed to recognise it as a powerful marketing tool. It’s changed the way brands and consumers communicate and is something companies can no longer afford to ignore. True Story.

KPMG commissions DigitLab for Multi-National Social Media Campaign

The EMA division of KPMG has commissioned DigitLab to strategise and manage the implementation and conceptualization of digital media strategies across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Converting social media data into deeds

My working life began in earnest when I joined a consultancy who specialised in benchmarking for manufacturing.

#wearemusic. Grammy Award’s go big on social media

With the Grammy Awards approaching, I posted this article on Memeburn discussing the #wearemusic app – check it out!

Thinking out the box

Personalities are peculiar things. They say that the first 5 years of your life are crucial to the development of your personality. So based on that one could say that personalities are circumstantial?

Your Home Page is killing your business!

The internet is littered with terrible home pages. Beautiful flash based web pages that are to beautiful to actually achieve anything. Just like a dumb blonde sitting in a law firm, nice to look at but good luck if you decide to take her on as a defense attorney.

Adding a YouTube Video to your WordPress Blog

To quickly embed a YouTube video:

Adding a Vimeo Video to your WordPress Blog

To quickly embed a Vimeo video: