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Digital Marketing

Navigate digital channels in your marketing environment.

Digital Marketing

Marketers face significant challenges in today’s fast-paced, digitally-infused world as their roles become more demanding and complicated.

Today’s marketers use digital platforms to deliver on several business areas:

Driving business growth and revenue.

Drive a technology conversation to put the customer first.

Navigate a ubiquitous consumer journey across social, mobile and desktop platform interactions.

Innovate new products and solutions to keep customers engaged.

Develop digital capacity in the business to execute all the necessary aspects of promoting a brand in a digital economy.

Our role as a digital agency is to partner with marketers to help navigate these challenges and be catalysts to their operations and transformation. As a business, we provide services in Digital Marketing, Technology and Innovation that support marketers to drive this agenda and transform their brands digitally.

So, whether you need a digital marketing agency to partner with on your next campaign, or someone to guide you on how to digitise your marketing processes, Digitlab is the partner who can get you there.

We quickly built up a reputation as digital experts in the corporate digital marketing arena, working with local and international brands and businesses, helping them win the hearts and minds of their consumers through captivating digital experiences.    

We have spearheaded the mobile innovation agenda for KPMG, Growthpoint Properties, Huletts Sugar and many other organisations. We have managed some of South Africa’s most prominent brands on the marketing front, including Beiersdorf, Alexforbes, Nedbank, and The City Lodge Hotel Group, to name a few.

Digital Marketing

The foundation and strength of our digital marketing team is a diverse and agile team of creatives, designers, strategists, technologists, researchers, and writers working together to craft and create beautiful digital experiences for our clients.

As an agency for digital marketing, we have proven capabilities in digital strategy, social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, digital research, copywriting, design, UX, Google advertising, social media advertising, and inbound marketing using tools like HubSpot.

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Our team of developers are ready to handle any technology request you may have. We will work with you to scope out your technical requirements and develop a technology plan that suits your business and budget. We become the bridge between Marketing and IT, helping ensure that the company supports the technologies we implement.

Then our agile development team and highly organised project managers take over to ensure the delivery of your system – ready for launch to market.

Find out more about our website, app or MARTECH solutions.


Marketing is one of the most innovative industries, but building a sustainable, innovative business is more than generating great ideas. It’s about unlocking business value in the unknown and finding value in the places you least expected it.

We work with marketers and CIO’s to develop innovation methodologies and platforms that accelerate innovation in your organisation.

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IT Partnerships

Our role is to partner with IT teams to build the foundations and systems necessary to deliver on the Marketing agenda.

We aim to create agile and collaborative environments with which your organisation can succeed. We do this off your infrastructure base, building on your technology strategy to enforce it.

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