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Spearheading MARTECH
solutions and technology

IT Teams

Information Technology (IT) and its use in marketing radically alter how companies practice marketing. It also places a new expectation on IT Divisions to deliver technology to an industry with a unique set of priorities.

Marketers expect IT to deliver solutions in an agile manner. They want solutions quickly and with beautiful design and customer experiences, which becomes problematic because most IT divisions are under strain and carry a lot of business-critical processes and systems under their responsibilities.

In addition, IT needs to respond to surmounting pressure to provide the infrastructures for various systems and apps that marketers have launched with agencies over the years. As these projects become “business-as-usual”, IT teams need to grapple with how to bring these projects into their fold so that they fall inside their data, security and communication policies.

Our role is to partner with IT teams to build the foundations and systems necessary to deliver on the Marketing agenda. We aim to create agile and collaborative environments with which your organisation can succeed. We do this off your infrastructure base, building on your technology strategy to enforce it.

MARTECH consulting

We can assess your existing technology stacks, processes and systems to find opportunities for efficiencies and improvements. Our consulting engagements will evaluate and improve the following aspects of your MARTECH infrastructure:

  • Site speed
  • Server performance
  • Improving security
  • Locking down WordPress sites from malicious attacks
  • Streamlining the cost base of AWS server platforms

Marketing Technology (MARTECH) Solutions

Our team of developers are ready to handle any technology request you may have.

We become the bridge between Marketing and IT, helping ensure that the business at large supports the technologies we implement.

We have numerous key strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors. We’re able to upscale our team fast, to deliver quickly on tight deadlines and large scale projects, to bring in specialist resources for bespoke projects and tap into a worldwide network of technology experts through our direct partnerships with AWS, Sprout Social, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others.

Find out more about our website, app or MARTECH solutions.

User Experience (UX) Design

In many cases, IT builds large, complex back-end applications that support their business and then need well thought out, customer-centric front-end designs for customer-facing sections of their applications.

Our creative and technology teams work together to build out your user journeys and create the UI kits and designs necessary for your internal team to execute them onto your system. Should you not have the capacity to do the development work for the front-end, we will assemble a team for you to implement the design onto your application front-end.

Website &  Mobile App Development

We have over ten years of experience developing websites and mobile apps for businesses across the globe. We build our projects in PHP and either build it customised from the ground up if necessary or employ a CMS framework like WordPress if the CMS suits the technology roll-out.

As an AWS partner, we have access to robust infrastructures to support even the most complex applications.

Read more about our website development and app development.

WordPress Website Security

One critical Martech solution for any business website built on the WordPress CMS is securing it against attacks. Our WordPress hardening helps keep websites protected from various malicious actors that would otherwise easily gain access to your website. Techniques we use include changing the default WordPress login URL and keeping plugins, themes and the WordPress core updated. Other website ‘hardening’ techniques we use include improved security headers that address:

  • Content-Security-Policy (CSP)
  • Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS)
  • X-Frame-Options
  • X-XSS-Protection
  • X-Content-Type-Options
  • Referrer-Policy
  • Feature-Policy
We also hide sensitive server information that can be used for malicious activity, which includes the PHP version. We also enforce strong passwords and don’t allow ‘admin’ to be used as a username. User enumeration is also prevented on our WordPress sites. We don’t use FTP at all but rather access servers via SSH tunneling that are controlled per user and can easily be revoked at any time.

Clients we serve :

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