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Media Planning

Find and grow your
audience, intelligently

Media Planning for your Business

Your brand stands for something, and you want to get that message out there. Communicate meaningfully with paid ads that work towards your goals and meet your targets within strategically constructed campaigns.

Organic Reach is not Enough

Organic social content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn only has a 3% likelihood of being seen organically by page followers and a 0% likelihood of being seen by non-followers.

Advertising Channels Available

Digital advertising platforms like those below provide new and unique audience targeting capabilities. This allows marketers and business owners alike to reach their audiences where they spend their time online. We provide our clients with a comprehensive offering of online advertising channels to leverage, including: 










Social Media Marketing

At Digitlab, we understand the significant impact of social media marketing. Let’s determine the best, personalised way forward to advertise your brand on any (or many) of the above social media platforms. Make the social media advertising process more manageable and less confusing for you and your business by allowing Digitlab to assist you. 

City Lodge Whoa-Men’s Campaign Case Study

Digitlab was brought in to not only help CLHG create a Woman’s Day campaign that celebrates all that women are to our society but, from a CLHG business perspective, drive accommodation bookings as well as a Women’s Day breakfast special.

Start your website journey with Digitlab

Start your
website journey
with Digitlab