Studies have shown people spend an average of 3 hours and 32 minutes on social media each day! Digitlab is your partner to help you reach your customer through social media. We are a SproutSocial Agency Partner providing social media service to companies all over the world.

Our approach and process fully harnesses social media through detailed planning, strategic research, creative design and copy, and proactive community management and detailed reporting. We’ve helped our client’s businesses boom with successful social campaigns, we’ve helped start-ups gain secure a share of the market, and we’ve driven big brands to deliver growth despite harsh market conditions.

We’re privileged to have partnered with a number of respected clients and continue to add value to their social media efforts.

Our offerings provide market-leading strategic, design, copy writing and community management services. The outcomes feed into your digital marketing strategy and compliment your overall business goals.

Our social media offering to you

Profile Setup and Optimisation

We make sure every setting reflects who you are as a business and what you want to achieve on social media.

Live Event Coverage

Put social media teams on the ground of your virtual and physical events to engage audiences and build conversation around your events.

Content Strategy

With a deep understanding of the audiences who use social media, we’re able to build a strategy that speaks directly to them, building brand awareness and encouraging conversion.

Social Listening

As a SproutSocial Agency Partner, we have access to the highest level of social listening tools. We’re able to pick up those hard-to-reach complaints before they gain unnecessary attention, scale your social presences and help you maintain your social integrity.

Content Development

Our creative minds always thinking of new and exciting ways to present your business through social media. We align all your content to your business and marketing strategy constantly researching and analysing return on investment for every content plan.

Social Media Advertising

Our media team develops targeted media plans so that your messaging reaches exactly who you’re looking to speak to, optimising your budget to get the most out of what you’re willing to spend.

Community Management

We also have a team of community managers that engage with your audience, answering queries and passing on compliments. Digitlab has partnered with a leading social platform, SproutSocial, which makes both the scheduling of content and engaging with social communities simple.

Executive Personal Branding

We take your key executive thought leaders and build their social media presence to best represent your business as well as gain the reach and traction towards your B@B marketing objectives.

Influencer Marketing

We work with social media influencers to build organic and authentic reach for your social media campaigns. To find out more about our approach

Social Media Training

We believe in building a digital competency for our clients. To do this we develop customised training plans to equip internal resources to strategies, share and represent the company on social channels.

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