Digital Swarm, another successful Digital Marketing event in Durban.

Hosted at the beautiful Vega Durban campus, 2017's second Digital Swarm was a success. Yet again, all the Digital Swarm tickets sold out in less than 24 hours.

Are you targeting Micro-Moments over the holidays?

As people wind down for the holidays we will see an increase in Micro-Moments online.

Why You Should Cater For Voice Search And Why It’ll Boost Your SEO

The era of voice search is upon us and it should warrant your attention. Search engine optimisation is moving away from keywords and towards something harder for marketers to quantify – conversational search queries.

Spotlight On… Nicola Ashe aka Ask Ashe

You may have seen creator of Ask Ashe, Nicola Ashe, around online – and if you haven’t yet, well then welcome and please enjoy your stay with this passionate and authentically driven lifestyle blogger.

Techsperts were born for a time such as this

You know that guy who uses his watch to change slides on the screen during a presentation? Or the girl you see beavering away on three different devices, all of them interconnected? These are ‘techsperts’, a sub grouping of the Millennials generation who are super clued up on disruptive technologies. Ask them to describe the newest iOS development, or explain the pros and cons of Google versus Windows, and you’re not only assured of an answer but you’ll probably also be given an in-depth and enthusiastic back story, which will be told until your eyes glaze over signalling your incomprehension.

The power of word-of-mouth advertising

Word-of mouth-advertising is a form of promotion – satisfied customers tell other people how much they like a business, product, or service, and you get the benefit of that promotion at no cost to you or your business.