Art & Algorithms

Photo app Prisma has taken the internet by storm with millions of downloads in its first week. Unlike apps like Instagram that overlay filters, Prisma uses a deep learning algorithm to turn your photo into an artwork based on different graphical styles of popular artists.

QR Codes – Showing that Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Cast your mind back a few years, when QR Codes first started popping up all over the place. They seemed like a great tech advance – all you needed to do was scan the QR Code with your phone and it would take you to a plethora of resources.

Millennial Moms a powerful niche market

Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1996, so it refers to those of us presently aged between 18 and 33. Speaking as a millennial, we are clearly a wildly diverse group, sometimes seemingly held together by nothing more than our age bracket. Yet there are discernible trends to each generation, which are useful in research and analysis. One prominent example of our ‘millennialism’ is our easy adoption and use of new technologies.

Top apps for people with pets

I have a confession ... I treat my dogs like they're human.While most of these apps are really just for fun, there are definitely ones out there that can make us more organised and educated pet owners...

Social tools for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

There is a very prevalent trend in movies over the last decade...namely Zombies!We've all watched a zombie movie and found ourselves at some stage wondering what we would do if we were faced with the zombie apocalypse - an undead next door neighbor with a penchant for brains and slow motion walking …

‘Appy’ New Year’s resolutions!

With the start of a New Year comes the dreaded New Year's resolutions – you promise to change all sorts of bad habits, start new projects, or set new goals...Find yourself slowly deviating away from your 2013 hopes, dreams, and New Year's resolutions? With our ever-evolving technological world that we live in, you could probably find an app to help you defeat and conquer any of the top 10 resolutions …

Digital publishing creates loyal customer connections

This is a post that I wrote recently on about how the digital publishing model is finding new ways to build customer loyalty, and wanted to share with the readers of Socially Speaking…How the digital publishing model is finding new ways to build customer loyalty...