Spotlight On… Sam Wright

Our #DigitLabSpotlight caught Editor of Tech Girl, and newly minted employee of Webfluential, Sam Wright in its beam this week.

Spotlight On… Nicola Ashe aka Ask Ashe

You may have seen creator of Ask Ashe, Nicola Ashe, around online – and if you haven’t yet, well then welcome and please enjoy your stay with this passionate and authentically driven lifestyle blogger.

Spotlight On…Marco Gollino

This week we’re turning our spotlight onto the man behind Durban exploration site, 5 Star Durban, as well as Managing Director of Sassy Publishing, Marco Gollino. Don’t let his name confuse you, this guy is a born and bred Durbanite – and it was his love for his hometown that sparked the idea to start a site that not only celebrates Durban, but also helps others explore the city more effectively.

Spotlight On…Cath Jenkin

Image taken by Diane Cassells Pictures (@dianec_pictures on Instagram)

The A-Z of the 21st Century – Part 1

Gone are the days of kids learning their typical alphabet at school ...Gone are the days of kids learning their typical alphabet at school! Nowadays, it can almost be guaranteed that if you aren’t familiar with this new ‘alphabet’ then you are seriously missing out! You are left with two options ...

Ten things NOT to do when blogging

Thinking of joining the social networking world of blogging?Thinking of joining the social networking world of blogging? Congratulations! As technology evolves, blogging has become a lot easier to set up and manage. However, regardless of how easy it may be to set up, setting up and posting professional-looking blog posts is a little more tricky and should not be taken lightly!

Hitting the road with Momentum and Big Heart 750

The DigitLab team recently had the chance to work with Momentum on their Big Heart 750 initiative...

Wooing search engines with fresh content

Wake up and smell the fresh coffee! Or in this case, the fresh content...