Improving the Relationship Between Data Analysts and Marketers

Data analysts and marketers historically have not needed to work closely together… today, that has changed. Data analysts have become some of the most valuable people in your marketing team as they can help brands understand consumer motives faster, build intuitive interfaces and trigger customer actions, all by using data effectively.

How Data Helps Marketers Be More Innovative

Is it possible that marketers are out there raving about how data is the future, yet secretly hiding behind ‘data complexity’? All signs point to yes, and this is because they have not yet found out how to harness data in their marketing initiatives just yet. In essence, we believe in the impact of data but aren’t sure how it fits into our world yet. It’s more of a futurist idea than a real value-add today.

Be Brave: Differentiate with Digital

Originally published as Be brave: Differentiate with digital on Bizcommunity

Smart Brands Up-Skill Their Customers

Instagram, one of the world’s biggest social media platforms, has a key word smashed into it that helps to explain its phenomenal success: instant. With the Instagram app one can instantly become a ‘pro’ photographer and editor, cropping photos, adding arty filters, fiddling with alignment, changing colour saturation, and so on. Instagram effectively transposes specialist skills to amateur and less-than-amateur consumers without the latter having to spend the normal time and effort needed to acquire them.

Facebook is cleaning up, in more ways than one

Recently companies with Facebook pages have been seeing drops in their page like numbers. If you’re among them, don’t panic.

What brands can learn from the humanness of HONY

If you haven’t yet heard of the wildly popular Humans of New York (HONY), then it’s a good thing you’ve stumbled across this blog post. Because you want to know about it, trust me.

Marketing to Africa’s low-connectivity feature phone users

Key to Africa’s IT story is the mobile phone, a device that has connected millions to the internet who would otherwise have had no access to it. Apart from all the other advantages it offers – like connecting with distant family and friends, mobile payments, healthcare support schemes, and more – this phenomenon has opened up a lucrative new avenue for businesses and marketers, who now have access to an enormous and largely untapped market.

What Twitter and Google’s Rekindled Romance Means for You

The rumours that abounded last week were confirmed by Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo at the social media platform’s fourth quarter earnings this past Thursday – Google and Twitter are back in business together.

January Mash Up

We don’t like to ease into a new year, we rather like to hit the ground running here at DigitLab – and this January was the perfect start to a great year.