This Week in Digital: 12 June 2015

It’s Friday and that means it’s time to get well-informed – just in time to impress all those friends you’re going to meet up with over the weekend.

Apple’s New Emoji Lets You Be You

Have you ever found Apple’s emoji stereotypical and very limiting? Well that’s about to change. Now you’ll be able to show your emotions through emoji that look a little more like you – no matter your skin tone.

It’s 2015 – I Want My Hoverboard

Welcome to the future everyone….it looks strangely the same.

The trends we’ll see this year in digital marketing…

Digital marketing is a fast-paced and exciting industry, and firms wishing to stay relevant and competitive in their respective fields need to stay on top of advances in the former. Even better, they should anticipate rather than react to developments in digital marketing.

How do we get to know the online consumer?

What makes them tick?This mystical creature, the online consumer, is one of the most sought after characters right now in the digital space. Who is the online consumer? What excites them?