How to Have a Digitally Enhanced Festive Season

It’s that time of year again, and the internet gets into that festive spirit just as much as anyone else.

Our Digital Heritage

In celebration of Heritage Day, the DigitLab #WorkFamily decided to share their varied digital heritage. It’s fascinating to see how everyone’s journey started into the world of tech that we all know and love! Happy Heritage Day Everyone!

Keeping your child safe from cyberbullies

We all love our kids and would do pretty much anything to ensure their well-being, right? The problem comes in when we don’t know how to protect them, because the dangers they face aren’t anything we experienced when we were their age and so most of us don’t fully understand them. Well, humiliating posts and photos on social media sites, aggressive online messages and threats, character slurs and rumours, cyber stalking, sexting, and anonymous blackmail … these and more are the realities kids are facing by growing up in a hyper-connected world. Their social lives are increasingly defined by digital interactions, and we as parents need to find appropriate and timeous methods of dealing with the threat. We need to equip our kids to navigate this aspect of their lives, as with all others, in a safe manner. How do we do that?

DigitLab makes The Bookmark Awards shortlist

DigitLab was blown away by the announcement of The Bookmark Awards 2012 shortlist last night – with three shortlisted entries, our team is over the moon!DigitLab was blown away by the announcement of three shortlisted entries in The Bookmark Awards 2012! The awards celebrate all things digital, rewarding excellence in digital publishing, advertising, and marketing…