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How to build your email database

Digital Focus • One Comment

So you’ve done your research and know what your audience want to hear about, and decided what content you want to be distributing –...

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How Email Marketing benefits you

Digital Focus

Looking at the statistics and percentages, it would be difficult not to see the benefits that email marketing has for businesses: Over 90%...

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Is email an effective marketing medium? Everlytic thinks so…

Digital Focus • 4 Comments

Everlytic recently released Part 1 of their findings from a research survey on email usage in South Africa....

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How ‘loyal’ are you in the eyes of your customers?

Brand Focus

-A true brand loyal customer, through word of mouth, can get their friends and family to switch brands in an instant. Loyal customers, they...

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The business blog R-evolution

Digital Focus • 5 Comments

Following a recent venture providing technical support – and the countless queries I received from the “less-technologically-advanced” Generation X crowd…

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