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What’s your consumer ‘share of intent’?

Digital Focus, People Focus, Strategy Focus

Digital marketing is an extremely innovative and creative industry that explores ways to bring people closer to brands through digital channels. Share of intent, coined by Google, is a powerful metric to understand your visible presence in a consumer’s world.

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8 ways to keep star millennials in your workforce

People Focus

Speaking as a millennial, I can say that we’re a generation presumptuous enough to expect our work to work for us....

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Generation Why

People Focus

If Gen X were the rebels, Gen Y are the trailblazers....

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What’s so great about digital marketing?

Digital Focus • 3 Comments

There’s a lot of talk that ‘digital marketing’ will become just ‘marketing’ in 2013.

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FYI – the 21st century workplace

People Focus • One Comment

Today’s workplace environment has changed dramatically compared to the days of the baby boomer's workplace....

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Social media knows no limit, do you?

Digital Focus

Admittedly, social media can be quite confusing, especially for those of older generations....

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Attracting the twentysomething worker

People Focus • 4 Comments

I came across this article from Fortune Magazine, and, as an unashamed Gen Y, it was such a great read, so I thought I’d share a few relevant insights…

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