Shifting Focus From Success to Significance

I remember sitting in a conference in Morocco listening to the Ogilvy MD, Matthieu Plassard, as he shared that marketing in Africa was less about selling products and more about solving problems. He highlighted that in a world where the share of wallet is limited, brands need to drive lifestyle solutions instead of products aimed at disposable income. Matthieu’s comment echoed the sentiment I have been hearing from underground conversations in marketing circles. Building solutions for people is fast becoming the most valuable marketing tool that marketers can spend their time doing. Brand love won’t come from lifestyle alignment and it won’t come from fancy content.

Authentic Loyalty Through Brand Utility

Gone are the days of promoting your brand, of talking it up as the coolest brand around so that the customer loves you. We are now in the age of the empowered consumer, and these customers are skeptical of traditional marketing tactics, all they see is a gimmick.

Why making your clients sweat is a good idea

With consumers becoming increasingly bored with, cynical or indifferent towards advertising, engaging your customers in a unique way is important to building a good relationship with them. A growing trend in retail is ‘playsumerism’, a type of consumerism that focuses on offering customers something more. Something more than the usual, the expected, the uninvolved. Brands engaging in playsumerism put together campaigns that offer customers life-enhancing experiences, ones that are fun, engaging, unique, surprising, off-beat, or even challenging.

Clothing companies doing something truly different

Technology is the means to doing new things in the retail space, but without creativity all that technology sits underutilised. What’s exciting is apparel companies who are coming up with innovative ways of using technology in their products and marketing endeavours.

7 top retail innovations in 2014

Retailers are getting crazy innovative with their use of technology, taking the shopping experience in exciting new directions. Ten years ago – five, even – who would’ve imagined store changing room mirrors that take full-length snapshots of you that can be sent to friends via social media to get instant feedback on potential clothes? Or who could’ve anticipated an airline partnering with eBay so customers booking a ticket online can see suggestions of household items they could sell to fund said ticket?

Foursquare – how to make it work for your business

Before I traded in my Blackberry Curve in for a Samsung Galaxy S3 I didn’t really get Foursquare. Well that’s all changed...Why is Foursquare for business all that? The answer is that this shift in consumer mindsets presents exciting opportunities for brands to tap into the power of location-based marketing, using customers' real-world behaviors and locations to reach them when (and where) it's most relevant ...

Is email an effective marketing medium? Everlytic thinks so…

Everlytic recently released Part 1 of their findings from a research survey on email usage in South Africa, done in conjunction with Effective Measure.Everlytic recently released Part 1 of their research findings from a survey on email usage in South Africa, providing insight into SA's online community and how this audience is being engaged via email marketing …

The A-Z of the 21st Century – Part 1

Gone are the days of kids learning their typical alphabet at school ...Gone are the days of kids learning their typical alphabet at school! Nowadays, it can almost be guaranteed that if you aren’t familiar with this new ‘alphabet’ then you are seriously missing out! You are left with two options ...

Crazy idea! Agile marketing is the the key to success

Over the past few months, I've been analysing what has made DigitLab campaigns successful in the past. Many of our clients have had their objectives met through campaigns we've run, and during this analysis, it's been very easy to point to the people putting the work together.Agility is a team effort, empowered with the ability to make quick decisions for the good of the campaign. This means these small teams need to embody the trust of the company they serve ...

Facebook Timeline and your brand

In just over a week from now, Facebook will switch to the much talked about Facebook Timeline.In just over a week from now, Facebook will switch to the much talked about Facebook Timeline. It was first talked about in the f8 conference last year, and until as late as February this year, it was still unclear when this shift would definitely happen. But now it’s upon us. So what are the new features that Timeline brings to your brand or business?