7 top retail innovations in 2014

Retailers are getting crazy innovative with their use of technology, taking the shopping experience in exciting new directions. Ten years ago – five, even – who would’ve imagined store changing room mirrors that take full-length snapshots of you that can be sent to friends via social media to get instant feedback on potential clothes? Or who could’ve anticipated an airline partnering with eBay so customers booking a ticket online can see suggestions of household items they could sell to fund said ticket?

The Development of Social Media – Was it Nature or Nurture?

No one can deny that the social media landscape is constantly evolving, and I don’t mean in the way that new platforms constantly pop up, but rather in what it does to the people who use it – as well as how those users change it.

Tourism Marketing: Power to the picture

These past couple years have been the ‘Years of Images’, and as a result, the social media landscape is changing for all industries concerned!

Brand yourself

"You" are The Brand"You" are The Brand - personal branding for mere mortals. Just as celebrities and corporate brands use tactical strategies to market themselves, so we too need to build brand equity and a name for ourselves ...

How do we get to know the online consumer?

What makes them tick?This mystical creature, the online consumer, is one of the most sought after characters right now in the digital space. Who is the online consumer? What excites them?

Facebook Timeline and your brand

In just over a week from now, Facebook will switch to the much talked about Facebook Timeline.In just over a week from now, Facebook will switch to the much talked about Facebook Timeline. It was first talked about in the f8 conference last year, and until as late as February this year, it was still unclear when this shift would definitely happen. But now it’s upon us. So what are the new features that Timeline brings to your brand or business?

KPMG commissions DigitLab for Multi-National Social Media Campaign

The EMA division of KPMG has commissioned DigitLab to strategise and manage the implementation and conceptualization of digital media strategies across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Converting social media data into deeds

My working life began in earnest when I joined a consultancy who specialised in benchmarking for manufacturing.

Recruitment perks of a premium profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is without a doubt the leader in electronic recruiting.