Nedbank Renews Research Contract with DigitLab

In 2014 Nedbank entrusted DigitLab with its digital brand analysis and research. After a busy and successful year, complete with an IAB Bookmarks Nomination, DigitLab are pleased to announce that Nedbank has renewed their contract for 2015.

January Mash Up

We don’t like to ease into a new year, we rather like to hit the ground running here at DigitLab – and this January was the perfect start to a great year.

DigitLab and IHS win at New Generation Awards 2014!

We are very proud to announce The International Hotel School website won a bronze award for The Best Corporate Website. Over the past few years, IHS and DigitLab have worked together to create a finely tuned digital marketing strategy that has the agility to move with an ever-changing and demanding Millennial Generation.

Google just gets me: The magic of boolean search

Have you ever wondered who knows you best? Is it possible that anyone can know what you're thinking or what you want?The way I use Google and benefit from it has changed somewhat over the past decade. In the past I would type in a question or one word and hope for the best. But these days I use the greatest search tool of all – Boolean magic! Knowing how to make searching easier saves time and ultimately helps result in more valuable and relevant information ...