How Data Helps Marketers Be More Innovative

Is it possible that marketers are out there raving about how data is the future, yet secretly hiding behind ‘data complexity’? All signs point to yes, and this is because they have not yet found out how to harness data in their marketing initiatives just yet. In essence, we believe in the impact of data but aren’t sure how it fits into our world yet. It’s more of a futurist idea than a real value-add today.

Why You Should Cater For Voice Search And Why It’ll Boost Your SEO

The era of voice search is upon us and it should warrant your attention. Search engine optimisation is moving away from keywords and towards something harder for marketers to quantify – conversational search queries.

Tourism Marketing: Location Strategy for Your Business

If you’re in business, then it’s been drilled into you just how important your business’s location is to its success. These days, not only is your physical location important, but your digital location is just as, if not more, important to an effective business strategy. More and more consumers are turning to the digital landscape first to find the businesses that they are looking for, and you need to be in their field of vision straight away.

Can you recover from the attack of the Penguin?'s Google Panda Update infographic  was as thought-provoking as it was anxiety-inducing – with the updates producing uncertainty for many marketers and SEO gurus over the past few months.More than 80% of penalised websites are still struggling to recover from the Google Panda and Google Penguin update (and improve their SEO accordingly). It’s evident that Google is focusing on unique content as a priority though …

The A-Z of the 21st Century – Part 3

An online alphabet for the digital age…An online alphabet for the digital age… The third and final installment to the 21st century glossary! Missed out on the first two? Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2...

How to choose between YouTube and Vimeo

It’s a little known fact that video content gets shared a lot more than any article or image and also has a greater chance of going viral.Video content gets shared a lot more than any article or image and also has a greater chance of going viral. So when sharing video content online, how do you choose the best platform? And will it be YouTube or Vimeo?

First things first with Content Strategy

A few years ago a company’s online presence was simply their corporate website.A few years ago a company’s online presence was simply their corporate website. Keeping the corporate brand and corporate identity consistent, it was simple and straightforward. But things have changed...

Ten things NOT to do when blogging

Thinking of joining the social networking world of blogging?Thinking of joining the social networking world of blogging? Congratulations! As technology evolves, blogging has become a lot easier to set up and manage. However, regardless of how easy it may be to set up, setting up and posting professional-looking blog posts is a little more tricky and should not be taken lightly!

The business blog R-evolution

Following a recent venture providing technical support – and the countless queries I received from the “less-technologically-advanced” Generation X crowd – I felt rather inspired to write about the blogging world and how our technology and marketing skills are evolving!