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Why You Should Cater For Voice Search And Why It’ll Boost Your SEO

Digital Focus

The era of voice search is upon us and it should warrant your attention. Search engine optimisation is moving away from keywords and towards something harder for marketers to quantify – conversational search queries.

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Be Brave: Differentiate with Digital

Brand Focus, Digital Focus • One Comment

Digital presents a powerful opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves against competitors....

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January Mash Up

Our News

We don’t like to ease into a new year, we rather like to hit the ground running here at DigitLab – and this January was the perfect...

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A good old-fashioned love story: my digital marketing awakening

Digital Focus • 2 Comments

When was the last time you looked across a crowded room, noticed the pretty young start-up in the corner and said, “That’s the digital marketing provider for me?”

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Crazy idea! Agile marketing is the the key to success

Strategy Focus

Over the past few months, I've been analysing what has made Digitlab campaigns successful in the past. ...

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