The Bidvest Group is one of the world’s fastest growing companies with an international footprint across four continents and over 100 000 employees worldwide. Founded by Brian Joffe in 1988, Bidvest is exploring new ground in the social media space.

Bidvest LogoIn the quest for constant innovation, Brian Joffe commissioned Mike Saunders and the DigitLab team to build and create an internal socially-based project that will be used to help the Bidvest leadership team connect in a relaxed forum with their employees.

In the same way that customers and consumers are changing the way they communicate so are our employees. It has become imperative to engage our employees through social channels in order to embrace a new communication stream in business.

Brian Joffe and the leadership at Bidvest must be commended for their courage to embrace new technologies and their resolve to ensure the best internal communication strategies for their employees.” – Mike Saunders (DigitLab CEO)